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A great cause

      Mental health is a serious problem in the construction industry. That's why
      we are pleased to be involved in a new & innovative charity created by

      construction professionals to help address this problem. We are privilged to
      work for some of the UK's leading construction companies and recognise the
      contribution they make to safeguard their employees; so we want to help too.

      The facts in numbers...

             91                    1 in 6                   £26                   1 in 5
          million                workers                  billion               workers

        work days are         experience stress,      is the cost of the    fear losing their job
        lost each year      anxiety & depression       lost work days         if they speak out

      Sports based well being                          Come and get involved

      The  charity  provides  sports  based            The Construction Sports network is
      wellbeing to construction workers                growing and the launch  event at the
      through organised sports and fitness             Allianz Park (the home of Saracens
      events. These are provided by a                  Rugby Club) was a great success.

      collaborative network of companies,
      including construction businesses,               If  you would like to become involved
      professional sports clubs and venues.            and join this collaborative network,
                                                       to support the invaluable work being

      Organised events include golf days,              done to address mental health in the
      multi-sports tournaments, football &             construction industry, please speak
      rugby challenges etc. all of which are           with your account manager.  As well as
 Proud sponsors & supporters of:   provided under the umbrella of the   being a great cause it is also good fun

      Construction Sports Foundation.                  for everyone involved.

                Some of the major projects we have been pleased to support include:

                                                                 L ONDON BRIDGE S T A TION

                                                                REDEVEL OPMENT PRO JEC T         17
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